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Constitution Update and Combined Authority Returning Officer

To consider a report of the Monitoring Officer providing an update on the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Constitution and Returning Officer.


Louise Outram, Deputy Monitoring Officer, provided a report on the Constitution Update and the Combined Authority Returning Officer. The report reflected the evolution of the Combined Authority on its continued journey of alignment with Merseytravel and its constitution.


The changes proposed in the report related to the code of conduct which had been altered to ensure it was fit for purpose. Further changes had been made to the land procedure rules to allow officers of the Combined Authority to rent out part of its land e.g. office space in Mann Island. Changes had also been made to the contract procedure rules so that Merseytravel and the Combined Authority mirrored each other for clarity.


The report also proposed that officers be delegated the power to agree predevelopment funding for schemes under SIF to prevent any delays to delivery.


Louise Outram outlined a change to how the SIF fund was used in Section four of the report, which allowed for the allocation of different funding part way through a project in order to maximise delivery of Combined Authority projects. Any schemes that changed funding would form part of a quarterly report that would be presented to the Combined Authority as part of the SIF quarterly update.


The second half of the report focused on the 2020 elections for Metro Mayor with the returning officer identified as Tony Reeves, Chief Executive at Liverpool City Council.


Councillor Pat Hackett welcomed the proposed changes to SIF but suggested the report be clearer in terms of the % allocation to officers and how accountability would be built into the process.


Councillor Dr John Pugh queried the criteria for projects changing how they were funded and it was confirmed that any scheme would have to comply by the terms of each individual bit of grant funding if it was to move from one to the other.


It was suggested that the quarterly report that was to be submitted to the Combined Authority meeting was also submitted to the Audit and Governance Committee and that this was added to the recommendations of the report. 


Concerning land transactions, Councillor Helen Cameron asked for some clarification on any other assets owned by Merseytravel and if there was a current register of assets that could be shared with the Committee.


Louise Outram explained that Merseytravel had various assets in the form of bus stops and travel centres and that the Mersey Tunnels and Mann Island belonged to the Combined Authority. Land belonging to Merseytravel was managed through the Merseytravel Executive and Combined Authority assets were currently dealt with at Combined Authority meetings. The report proposed that this function be delegated to officers of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.




(a)           the report which sets out proposed revisions to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Constitution be considered;


(b)           the revised constitution in light of  the proposed amendments set out in paragraphs 4.1 - 4.13 of the report an Appendices 1-3 be recommended to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority;


(c)           whether any additional recommendations are to be made to the Combined Authority arising from the constitutional amendments proposed be considered; and


(d)           the LCRCA SIF update report be shared with the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


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