Agenda item

Public Question Time

Members of the public will be given the opportunity to ask questions which have been submitted in accordance with Meetings Standing Orders No. 11.


A period of 30 minutes will be allocated for this item and copies of valid questions will be circulated at the meeting.


Members of the public who wish to submit questions are asked to contact Democratic Services by either:


Telephone: 0151 330 1086


In writing: Democratic Services, LCR Combined Authority, No.1 Mann Island, PO Box 1976, Liverpool, L69 3HN


A pro-forma will be supplied which, for this meeting must be returned by 5.00pm on Monday 7th October 2019. In this respect, return details are set out in the pro-forma.




The Committee received five questions from members of the public as follows: -


Ms Pam Hanson

Question 1


I was on the X1 Liverpool to Runcorn bus when it broke down on the West Bound A562 just after the Knowsley Express Way around 15.35 on Friday 4 October 2019.


The reason it broke down was because it caught fire. Some of us evacuated the bus but some passengers stayed on.


My question is why did it take an hour for us passengers to get another bus?


There was a mother and a baby on the bus and if it had been a serious fire then they would have had to get off the bus on uneven terrain by a very busy road.


The driver informed us that the next X1 would stop but when it arrived the driver of this bus shook his head and said no.  So we had to wait for the next one.  Admittedly it could have been full and unable to take more passengers.


However surely there should be a way of transporting passengers, from a broken down bus, when it is by a very busy road and they are in a dangerous position.


Question 2


I believe that you could only charge a Walrus card at a station within the Merseyside zone, but when I boarded the X1 in Greenway Road, Runcorn I saw a lady pay for the Walrus card on this bus and she and the driver said that this was alright?


I have had other discussions with people who believe that they can use it outside the Merseyside zone. Apparently, there are tickets that you can get that you can use but this causes confusion between the drivers and passengers.


Could it not be made clearer where the tickets can be used to save confusion between the drivers and passengers?


The Chair informed Ms Hanson that a formal response would be provided within 10 working days.



Mr Andrew Wennell



Question 1

On the route towards Ecclestone in West Park there is a bus stop in Knowsley Road just before Rivington Road but the 35/35E doesn't stop there even  though it says it does on the bus shelter. So instead, it stops just after it turns into Rivington Road.

Now according to Google maps there is a bus stop but on street view there clearly is no stop there, but on the bus stop on the other side going towards St Helens it states the times and says the bus will stop on the opposite side of the road going towards  Ecclestone.

Why doesn't this bus stop at Rivington Road stop on Knowsley Road & why is there no bus stop with a flag going towards Ecclestone  just after  the bus turns into Rivington Road.


Question 2

If you apply for a Merseytravel OAP English National Concessionary Pass you could take your completed form plus evidence to a Merseytravel shop & they have a machine to make the pass while you wait.

Now if you apply for a Merseytravel DISABLED English National Pass it needs to be sent away to get approved & when its application is successful they will send out your pass in the post.

A lot of people who apply for an OAP pass can also drive and have a car.

The majority of Disabled people who apply for a Merseytravel Pass are unable to drive and use public transport to access the community.

If they can make the pass while you wait for the OAP'S then why can't they do this for the Disabled Pass?

If the people who apply for the Disabled Pass have to wait then the OAPS should wait too.


The Chair informed Mr Wennell that a formal response would be provided within 10 working days.


Mr John Brace

Question 1

At the end of the Transport Committee on the 4th April 2019, you announced that the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority had been successful in its bid for £7.5 million of Access for All funding from the government to improve disabled access at various train stations (Birkenhead Park, Broad Green, Hillside, St Michael’s and Hunts Cross Stations). The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority also decided at its meeting on the 28th June 2019 to also contribute £7.5 million of its own funds towards the project from the Strategic Investment Fund. 

Therefore, as the budget has already been agreed could you please give timescales (or indicative timescales) as to when the LCRCA expects that works to improve disabled access at each of those 5 stations will be completed?  

The Chair informed Mr Brace that a formal response would be provided within 10 working days.