Agenda item

Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Announcements and Updates

To receive updates from the Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor.


           Metro Mayor S Rotheram referred to Monday 15 April 2019 being the 30years since the Hillsborough disaster. He reiterated that the Combined Authority, the Mayor and Leaders from across the City Region maintained their support for the families of the beavered and the survivors.


           Metro Mayor S Rotheram reflected on how climate change was one of the biggest threats facing society and required serious and bold action. He recognised that there was always more to achieve in respect of climate change, however, he highlighted that the City Region had an excellent track record on delivering on green issues. In particular, highlighting how, the City Region’s low carbon economy was one of the biggest success stories and was worth £2billion a year to the city region and employed 22,000 people.


           Metro Mayor S Rotheram advised that he had published an open letter which set out the comprehensive action being taken as a Combined Authority, which included setting an ambition to be Zero Carbon by 2040, a £10m Green Investment Fund would be launched to investigate how to harness the tidal power of the Mersey in which to create green electricity.


           The Metro Mayor explained how the Combined Authority were working to tackle air quality issues by developing an integrated public transport system, investing £460m in a new publicly owned train fleet, a 600km walking and cycling network and trailing zero emission hydrogen buses. He emphasised that how concerted action was required from central government to tackle the environmental challenges, including greater investment in low carbon energy generation, investment in public transport in the North and scrappage schemes for older, more polluting cars.


           Metro Mayor S Rotheram advised Members that the LCR Combined Authority had been successful in its bid for £7.5million to improve five train stations across the City Region, through the national Access for All scheme. He informed the LCR Combined Authority that a report would be brought to a future meeting seeking approval to match fund the bid from the Strategic Investment Fund.


           He further advised that bids to fit lifts at Birkenhead Park, Broadgreen, Hillside, Hunts Cross and St Michaels train stations had been successful and a new lift for the Northern line platform at Liverpool Central station had also been confirmed. He reflected on how this investment was an important step in making the rail network across the City Region the most accessible in the country.


           The Metro Mayor explained how the public transport network was a lifeline for many people and yet too often those with disabilities were excluded from accessing it due to outdated infrastructure. He advised that modifying the train stations in the city region to improve accessibility would have a huge impact on the lives of passengers who were wheelchair uses, had reduced mobility of were travelling with prams or buggies.


           He reported on how the funding demonstrated built on the Combined Authority’s record of fighting for an accessible network, which included investing £460m in new and accessible trains and platform upgrade works to ensure all stations would support level access by 2020.


           Metro Mayor S Rotheram reported that along with Mayor J Anderson MBE, Cllr Sean Donnelly and Councillor Sue Murphy had attended MIPIM to showcase the Liverpool City Region to an international audience.


           He reported that whilst he was there, he had announced a Commission, which would be chaired by Denise Barret-Baxendale, to develop proposals for a new station which would be required for HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail. He advised the Combined Authority that his ambition for the station was for it to be a destination, a scheme with architectural with retail and office space.


           Metro Mayor S Rotheram informed Members that the he had announced his support for the LCR Pride Foundation’s bid for the City Region to host the Gay Games 2026. He reflected on how the City Region was well accustomed to holding supporting events which attracted a worldwide audience and, if successful, would provide the opportunity for the City Region to build on a strong track record of supporting LGBT rights, empowering communities and creating lasting social change.


           Metro Mayor S Rotheram advised the LCR Combined Authority, that he had been joined by the Rt Hon Jane Kennedy, Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, to launch the Merseyside Domestic Abuse workplace scheme. The aim of the scheme was to give employers the tools, resources and training to respond when a member of staff was at risk of domestic abuse. He reported on how the scheme would help employers to provide a safe space where staff affected by domestic abuse could speak confidentially, via a network of trained volunteer ‘Champions’ who would ensure vulnerable colleagues were signposted to support when they need it most. In conclusion he encouraged constituent Local Authorities and partners to implement the scheme and advised that to tackle violence against women and girls he had appointed Councillor Emily Spurrell as a new Mayoral Advisor to support this important agenda. He invited Rt Hon Jane Kennedy, Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, to say a few words regarding this work.


           Rt Hon Jane Kennedy, Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, emphasised the importance of the scheme and that it was available for all employers across the City Region. She advised that free training was available and was accompanied by a toolkit to help staff understand domestic abuse and some of the broader implications of its impact on a victim and a perpetrator. She encouraged the employers present in the Authority Chamber to commit to the scheme and disseminate the information across their organisations.