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LCR Overview and Scrutiny Committee

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Information about LCR Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee was established by the Combined Authority in May 2017 in accordance with the Combined Authorities Order 2017. The Committee is made up of 3 elected Members from each of the constituent Local Authorities of the LCR Combined Authority, along with two additional elected Members from Liverpool City Region Groups to reach a total membership of 20 members, that is reflective of the political make-up of the City Region as a whole.


The role of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee is to:-


·       Scrutinise the decision and actions taken by the Combined Authority or the Metro Mayor;

·       Act as a ‘critical friend’ to policy and strategy development;

·       Undertake scrutiny reviews into areas of strategic importance for the people of the Liverpool City Region;  and

·       Monitor the delivery of the Combined Authority’s strategic plan.